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tv   Headline News  RT  July 9, 2014 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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it. seems a comic you gals are witnessed with young children women among forty three killed in israel's offensive against the palestinian territories. germany investigates a defense ministry worker suspected of spying for the u.s. just days after another alleged double agent working for its supposed ally was discovered in berlin. millions seek safety in eastern ukraine as government forces lay siege to the region's biggest city seizing up blockade and deadly shelling.
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your children to or to international with you i run the clock across the globe i'm going to know you welcome. we start with a surreal so named anti militant operation in gaza which is causing panic among ordinary palestinians caught in the crossfire. you know. what you just witnessed on your seeing behind me right now is the consequences of an operation that the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has called genocide at
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least eight children are among the forty three civilians killed on the i.d.f. is ramping up its offensive with the use of warplanes and rockets against residential areas ortiz policy reports from the israeli palestinian border. i'm standing here in the southern israeli town of ashkelon a short time ago there were sirens sounding on the beach which is a short distance from where i'm standing and we can also constantly hear the now the explosions of air strikes on gaza which is just a short distance behind me the israelis insist that they are targeting the military infrastructure of her nuts but the problem is when you have innocent bystanders when you consider part of that infrastructure to be the homes of hamas leaders then it's inevitable that the number of people that are not involved in this conflict essentially civilians are going to be killed hospitals there are reporting that they have been pushed to emergency mode and that they struggling to cope with the number of people that are being brought in certainly the offensive at this stage
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seems to be heating up almost by the minute we're hearing from israel's defense minister that they plan to expand the operation and we're hearing from the amassed leadership that if indeed israel does not cease with its airstrikes it too well expand the operation there is a particular concern amongst his rabies where rockets now have reached as far as jerusalem and tel aviv these long range rockets bring a whole new dimension to the conflict meaning that it does not limit itself to only the south for now egypt is still playing a mediator the bowl a spokesperson for the time of government says that they are intensifying their efforts but at the moment it seems as if the cease fire is far from anyone's mind if anything the mood on the ground is that we're heading closer to a full out war. and israel has repeatedly shown a willingness to respond quickly to any aggression but what does it achieve or back in two thousand and six israel waged war and hezbollah in lebanon but far from being destroyed the group actually rose to power its regular operations against
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hamas have actually led up to the militants forging a union with palestinian political party fatah on the country's reputation has been hit and a new will poll suggest israel is now one of the most popular countries in the world a negative opinion towards it is increasing year by year and even in israel there are many who do not support a military response. we do believe that the only solution for the conflict in the middle east is a peace and everybody has to understand you know mahatma gandhi once said that if humans race continuously. and i for and i everybody in the end we become blind puts and civilians out of the conflict this is something that we hear in israel jews and arabs they like to get it i'm going to demonstrate for bringing the conflict to an end and only by a just peace and settlement a mere or in a senior call mess that israel's haaretz newspaper told r.t.
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there's still a chance the conflict could be resolved soon yes there were police including soup but their numbers are limited. if you compare them to previous rounds of violence so dear is the making of a renewed ceasefire israel says aims to induce operation of very modest demeans our modest two you do not see any ground maneuver at least yet you do not see any attack on the very heads of hamas government all the movement so dear is still enough leeway for negotiations for dialogue perhaps as you mentioned through egyptian mediation. you can find all the latest developments figures and video which relating to israel's military operation in gaza on our website r t v dot com . german police are reportedly investigating
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a new case of espionage involving a defense ministry employee suspected of spying for washington last week another german intelligence worker was arrested in berlin he turned out to be a double agent working for the us peter all of our has been following the story. on wednesday morning the federal prosecutors raided the office so i'm told of a defense ministry employee lynn they were looking for any evidence that this employee had passed information on to the united states he's currently facing questioning from the this employees currently facing questioning from the attorney general we'll be waiting to find out if any more information comes out about this but what we do know is that the u.s. ambassador john b. anderson was summoned to the foreign ministry here in berlin in relation to this ongoing investigation well it's just the the latest in a listen the of spying scandal here in germany just last week we saw in the
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security services employee of the b. and b. being arrested and charged with having passed on documents to the n.s.a. for cash now he's currently in prison awaiting trial for that it's understood in reports in the media here that the two on linked that the arrest last week isn't directly linked to what we've seen on wednesday but it's just another example of u.s. spying taking place here in germany. revelations of the u.s. spying on one of its closest allies are now a regular fixture in the german media washington consistently say sorry but as soon caught doing exactly the same thing again earlier arenacross revis spoke to an emotion former m i five agent turned whistleblower she says the u.s. wants to bring back its spying dominance during the cold war era. seems that on the one hand the usa wants all the allies to work with them on this global war on terror but on the other hand they still want the old days where they can spy on
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other countries and their national sovereignty with impunity they can't have it both ways so take a look at some figures you'll see that a recent poll actually show about around half of the germans want to see their country become less dependent on the us do you think that this is all you learn to the spy in claims i think this has been a huge spurt of this impetus these exposures are going to show that the germans need to push back as indeed has been reported today that they are going to start spying in a retaliatory fashion in order to at least ensure their own national sovereignty but it would be nice as well to see them really put in place laws and includes the european environment as well to protect all european citizens prissie over the internet over communications and i would hope that germany will see this continuing gross infringement of its national sovereignty as the spur to encourage their country and the rest of europe to move away and start using open source to protect our rights as citizens of the e.u.
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a recent report based on the leaks of edward snowden cleans the n.s.a. has been keeping an eye on five politically active muslim americans the surveillance took place even though there is zero evidence any of them are connected to terrorism or corresponding portnoy reports. a recent report based on the leaks of edward snowden claims the national security agency has been keeping an eye on five politically active muslim americans according to the intercept and investigative news outlet the government surveillance took place even though there was zero evidence that any of the prominent men were connected to terrorism now the five men targeted include an attorney who represents clients in terrorism related cases a professor at rutgers university a former professor at california state university the executive director of care which is the largest muslim civil rights organization in america and lastly a long time republican party operative who actually held
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a top secret security clearance and served in the department of homeland security during the bush administration now according to the intercept the n.s.a. and f.b.i. covertly monitor the e-mails of all the men under a secret under secretive procedures used to target terrorists and foreign spies journalist glenn greenwald who broke this story says this is one of the most important revelations to come from snowden's leaks because it actually puts a face on the n.s.a. surveillance overreach and illustrates that domestic spying abuses usually target minorities marginalizes groups and dissidents now the n.s.a. told the intercept that their surveillance was not based solely on speech however additional explanation or justification for targeting american citizens based on their job or political activity well that was not provided by the u.s. government. so the n.s.a. has been spying on its own people and its friends and even an entire nation's
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recording every phone call made in the bahamas a little later in the program we'll take you to the sun the islands themselves to find out what people on the government think of being watched by washington and what the plan the do about it got a much more coming up after a short break. surveilling the whole world. i'm abby martin the stories we cover here not can here in iraq other big story the extra headlines and tom ridge the reason they don't want him to know more. now let's break the set. well for the. science technology innovation all the list of elements from
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around russia we've got the future of coverage. interview. him back to the program ukraine's president has visited sloviansk the scene of the
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fiercest fighting during kiev's crackdown on anti-government protesters in the east petro poroshenko praised efforts to liberate the city well this is the result. monitoring body says the military fired indiscriminately and locals believe only hiding in basements save their lives. but boy look at the carnage numbers must put us from the most vocal of the photo shoot down where their thumb office before threw it over to you know the commission i did to bring you from somebody out there because of course for one two or three nights there's no shame up to you to see. the next stop for the ukrainian army are two of the largest cities in the east the nats going the gals both have separate artillery attacks now the president has personally ordered a blockade in the latest raid on lugansk at least two people were killed on apartment buildings where we have an option that is there for us here. we don't leave the hotel without bullet proof jackets both sides maybe they will not talk
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presidential areas but he says something different. shells land in the city center the gun. is dangerous for life today. so now ready but citizens here have little protection against mortar rounds and those who didn't leak face constant danger. over the last three days the city's residential areas have been hate each time we civilian casualties. and this is the scene of the mayster recent attack we saw at least two craters on the road there and there and as you can see this building was damaged well it used to be one of the city's banks and it could barely be a target of whoever is behind this attack. as we're filming we hear about another shelling locals say it was near a call that no one got hurt. so. the fire just going out to the balcony and
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then i heard glass breaking and i realized we are being attacked. i don't know what to do where to hide where they're going to fire from the next time. you go to invite us to teas to be his. broken glass need to use the floor all the windows and to go to these two room apartment have been shattered. i just got up and opened up the window and then it came you saw as blame the other for the violence but whoever is responsible the violence is real and fear is spreading lugansk the second largest city in is to ukraine eighty used to be home to more than four hundred thousand people these days you can see it looks like a ghost town it's not just shops bangs and restaurants that have closed their doors post offices to have shot so has the local police office
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a group of men gathers next to a bank in the center they are all workers lining to take out cash on payday they don't trust the banks not keen to speak to journalists either. basically the people do not want to take their anger a nervous it's understandable notion. is to ukraine. free is constantly posting updates on what's happening in look ounce go on her twitter feed follow her now as she documents life on her siege. now iraq's ambassador to the u.n. is warning that on militants from the group calling itself islamic state are now in control of a chemical site near baghdad the facility holds around twenty five hundred rockets filled with a deadly sarin gas charles to bridge a former counterterrorism intelligence officer in the u.k. joins us live for more now mr could a group of militants long using this stirring gas to actually launch an attack
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using the rockets. well it's a good question and one valve the united states for one purports to address by saying not just now but a couple of weeks ago when there were first rumors of this seizure of this facility by the isis they were called militants that in the united states has freed the official view anyway that these chemicals and indeed these weapon systems have long since been put beyond use. and indeed one might say that on the other on one hand whereas it's obviously potentially embarrassing to united states and indeed the u.k. because after all these countries went to war invaded iraq purportedly to prevent chemical weapons and other w m d from falling into the hands of the would be terrorists not on the surface is what seems to have happened here but on the other hand the u.s. has a say says that these are chemical. can't be militarily used would be dangerous to
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the terrorists in the event that number last with this kind of hazardous material one might think that there would be or could be some potential danger something potentially used for these chemicals in the future after all if that wasn't the case why were they being guarded in the first place yeah indeed putting the site the opinion of the u.s. to one side do extremists not have everything they need to assemble a bomb and if so how long could that possibly take. well of course once you've got these potentially hazardous chemicals that might be achieved by mixing chemicals that either into saw or were in the site all cops mixing them as one part of let's say a pine tree system with other agents to it to. produce these agents that can be of course deployed in a battlefield situation or equally easily against civilian targets by any means i
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mean that you don't need to have a pall mall rocket system to deliver these agents any form of dispersant or disperse or system would suffice and say none the less notwithstanding that these are not in black denies form or usable weaponized form if the united states is correct and got nonetheless these are highly toxic materials which is why they were under god in the first place and the fact that these are now apparently landed in the hands of peace by any standards even of course according to al qaida itself officially calling isis now the islamic state as very extreme and of course it must be a cause for concern i just want to move to syria to get your thoughts on not because too barros containing cerner find in rebel held territory do you believe would be terrorists not have the potential to have large stocks of deadly chemicals out there disposal. yes i don't think there's any should be any real question about this stage. but i'll probably precision in the
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syrian context i think i've conceded for some time that it's been a main aim of groups such as. isis is it was then to produce these kinds of agents and of course given the attack last year where many people clearly very many civilians died in the damascus suburbs when saddam was used of course it's still an open question for many including many experts as to whether as was widely acclaimed assad's government was responsible for that attack and of course the quality of thought must be that if he wasn't responsible for it of course then the rebels must have been of course at that stage the rebels or section of the rebels in syria of course had every reason to deploy these kinds of chemical weapons at that time because of course it would have provoked the triggering of a problem is red line and attacks against assad which of course which help the rebels and so i think there's been some incentive for some time for weapons to produce these kinds of weapons their respective of how useful or not they might be
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on the battlefield simply because of the reaction that might have been provoked from the west had circumstances proved different charles shoop bridge former u.k. country terrorism intelligence officer always great to get your insight thank you ok that's it for me for now in the meantime though as promised nimrod kaymer and his documentary about n.s.a. spying in the bahamas we believe is coming up and i'll be back in a little while. like i always wonder with all the n.s.a. listening to my conversations. to these a place well i know for sure that they do get places called the bahamas i went to not so pick up the city take this ticket. i mean the fact that sixty nine it's just going to be like i'm pretty. sure.
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she's. learned here for years and there's no i didn't know that. the minister for financial services seems comfortable about the whole idea well we're still finance i mean there's nothing to do with you so we say it's economic surveillance and like the popping in the phone. you're paying for bailing the whole world. and you just told me to see the phone company to stop it would be easy but yeah i meant to send a letter signed up to rise up. like you did you know i'm not i'm not i'm a nobody there is fun and i'm going to say yeah i did. this. basically so you're going to give a speech about the whole government surveillance thing. would you say like the us
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told you it's all good and there's nothing cool about or i would say that this go over. the n.s.a. surveillance but it's about that like in the foreign minister is about to give a speech in parliament saying that he got some reassurances from the u.s. or something like that there are certain issues because of national security that we may not know. there may be certain instances. that maybe warrant some type of ever made. gathering but when it comes down to the . great things the privacy rules no individual or individuals so innocent individuals that's a whole different story so we need to look at that we need to consider that we need more information from our government got much should know what's going on and they ought to tell the gaming people from it and then be in a position to make a determination as to babyhood giving people n.s.a.
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stickers all right give you some just to put on your phone so you know we'll get. the people of the bahamas okupe like callers who protest fulfills information. deputy prime minister philip davis he said we give our consent you know but that is not the same thing as not knowing the question we have been full brightness resolve the possibility of a review of one of the many reasons why we're we're demonstrating that it is in the us put them in a go go order all of them perhaps they could be anything it could be that they just turned a blind eye without being. often in small countries like this you think well you know if united states wants to do it and we're not going to get in trouble you are going to have an effect a split. dismiss is suing the u.s. government and my right to privacy have been violated i don't know an awful lot of me and your kind of native language and there are members there are certain
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responsibility had to go to you know go follow the contrary i know this and have not. dropped. one here in the senate and it appears that if you just listen to people's phone close as a whole in the bahamas all becomes about this is was it ok to listen to people like . ok this is this demonstration that we really want more information at. the cabin of the bahamas can contain important information that should be shared with the citizens very long back. make sure. people. suitable see your country. people have it. be see it every day see color commentary and take their pockets out of their position.
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look. at. what's happening guys i'm abby martin and this is breaking the set so it's pretty clear at this point the age of privacy has gone the way of the dodo bird but at least there's one area where people still feel secure with their doctors well now you can kiss that notion goodbye as well so a new report from bloomberg business week outlines a questionable new practice being employed by carolina's health care system a health care provider that operates over nine hundred medical centers across north and south carolina turns out the hospital chain is actually miami a credit card information of two million patients in order to predict one that will get sick and get this the providers even using patient purchase information to have doctors preemptively intervene in their lives now carolina's health care is defending the practice by saying this type of data collection allows doctors to. get a fuller picture of their patients there by decreasing readmittance rates but conspicuously
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the company won't disclose the provider of the data now thankfully the affordable care act outlaws the use of personal data to lower or raise insurance rates but that isn't stopping other health care providers from using big data to bolster their bottom lines take the university of pittsburgh medical center for example health care providers information division and i'm sorry insurance division is using demographic data to zero in on those who make less than fifty thousand dollars a year because poor people tend to go to the emergency room or listen i am all for preventative health care but invading every aspect of people's private lives sure as hell in the way to go about it as assistant director of health care at the exit santa clara university puts it if the physician already has the information the relationship changes from an exchange of information to a potential inquisition about behavior indeed for the for profit health care system firmly in place the last thing we need are insurance predators itching to exploit
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on the last bastions of privacy we have to break the set. the. the discipline it was terrible to say oh i'm very hard to take the turtle to get along here is a plot that he ever had sex with that hurt their lives let alone a. little. lists little lists lists of letters. under the freedom of information.